We pride ourselves in materializing dreams into journeys for the elite traveler.  Our mission is to create an experience for our clients that will leave them with wonderful memories that are frozen in time.

Founded in 2009 by Zeynep "Zee" Kurap, TravelXclusive offers an experienced and talented team of tour guides and reputable vendors that provide a high touch experience for every trip.  Ms. Kurap brings over 30 years of travel industry experience along with numerous specialty in-depth knowledge for destinations such as Turkey, India, Greece, South Africa, Morocco, Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and so many more.  

Let the journey begin

for the Xclusive traveler in you.


  • Create custom itineraries for any size party
  • Acquire all necessary reservations
  • Book all flights
  • Provide experienced guides
  • Arrange airport transfers
  • Ensure high quality accommodations 


Hi, I'm Zee! (Zeynep H. Yenice)

Travel is the food for our souls, and I’ve been feeding mine for nearly 30 years. After a position in the leisure sales market with Swissair, I founded TravelXclusive in 2009 to share my extensive knowledge with my clients.

I was born in Turkey, and have offices in both Istanbul and Naperville/Chicago, Illinois. I’m a destination specialist for Turkey and India, where I lived for several months in 2007 and 2008. I created the Maharajas Secret Places program, and through my on-site connections in northern India, I’ve helped my clients visit palaces, dine with the Maharaja’s , go on camel safaris, and take exclusive, behind-the-scenes tours of the area’s museums, jewelry, and sari shops. 

I also love traveling to Morocco, Greece, Egypt, and the U.S. Some special touches I’ve arranged for my clients in those areas have included surprise helicopter rides over the Sahara Desert and a private yacht tour through the Greek Isles.