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If you wish to experience a Turkish Blue Voyage with a wooden yacht called GULET, you have two options;

1 - You can hire a private Gulet (if you are a small group) or you can join to a regular Gulet departure by chartering a cabin. Cabin Charter is for Individuals. There are three popular Cabin Charter itineraries: Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye. Here are the brief itineraries.

2 - Between May and October we have gulets (6-8-10 cabin yacht) departing every Saturday from Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye. Departures are guaranteed and we can confirm even 1 passenger on these regular, weekly departures. The trip includes all meals.



Day 01
Late afternoon, board the yacht. Welcome cocktail, dinner and overnight.

Day 02
Breakfast, cruise to Knidos. Dinner and overnight.

Day 03
Breakfast in Mersincik. Lunch in Cati. Afternoon free. Overnight in Cati.

Day 04
Sail to Yediadalar. Overnight in English Harbour.

Day 05
Sail to Tuzla. Overnight in Ballisu.

Day 06
Visit Cleopatra Bay. Lunch and overnight in Karacasogut.

Day 07
Lunch in Cokertme. Overnight in Ortaklar.

Day 08
Cruise back to Bodrum. Leave the yacht with wishes to meet again.

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